A Cool Approach to Jazz Theory

All great improvisers have a strong understanding of harmony, which is what makes them sound so great! A Cool Approach to Jazz Theory is a tool designed to help kids of all ages learn the basic concepts behind jazz harmony.

Students often feel intimidated by the idea of taking an improvised solo. They might be unsure about what to play, and often worry they’ll play the “wrong” notes. Having a strong understanding of chords and harmony is essential to overcoming these fears and playing a fantastic solo… and it’s not rocket science!

This book will teach you step-by-step how to play chords on any instrument and decipher their symbols, understand progressions, and create improvised melodies that fit the harmony of a song. If you have an intermediate ability on your instrument, know some major scales and the chromatic scale, and have had an introduction to jazz, then you’re a great candidate to tackle this material.

"With a little practice you'll be soloing with ease in no time. Warm up your instruments and dive right in!"
- Erica von Kleist